Our Honey is Raw and Certified Organic through NASAA.

For more information on our honey and the flavours please click on link below.
Please be aware that each flavour is produced at different times of the year and generally only one flavour is available at a time depending on the season.

Honey Flavours Health benifits

500g Honey
$9.00 + PH

500g Squeeze Honey
$9.50 + PH

250g Honey
$5.50 + PH

140g Honey
$4.50 + PH

1kg Tub Honey Organic
$16.50 + PH
3kg Tub Honey Organic
$42.50 + PH
15kg Bucket Organic Honey
$170.00 + PH
30kg Bucket Organic Honey
$300.00 + PH

140g Organic Honey Gift Pack X 3 Flavours
$17.70 + PH
140g Organic Honey Gift Pack X 2 Flavours
$13.30 + PH

450g Creamed Honey
$9.00 + PH
300g Creamed Honey
$7.00 + PH
165g Creamed Honey
$5.50 + PH
Creamed honey is only available in cooler months, from March to October.

PH: Due to Breakage through Australia Post of glass jars, we can only post small orders in 500g & 1kg plastic Jars. If wanting larger orders and are willing to wait up to a month, we can frieght any size in glass.

Postage can be expensive, so you may wish to find one of our retail outlets found under the Outlets tab.

Purchases can be made by phoning: 08 8553 7421
or emailing your order to: sales@kilivinghoney.com.au