What is Propolis?

Propolis is a natural antibiotic/antibacterial glue like resin produced by the honey bee. The honey bees collect resin from plants and trees and adds saliva and wax to produce Propolis, which they use in the construction of their hive and to embalm invaders and in keeping the hive sterile.
Propolis has been used since 300 B.C. as a cosmetic and a medicine, and has been employed in folk and traditional medicine to heal burns and protect wounds from gangrene. It was sometimes known as Russian Penicillin and used to be found in many first aid kits in the Eastern European Countries.
Propolis is currently being studied for its anti-cancer properties. Modern-day herbalists may recommend the use of propolis to treat skin conditions, boost the immune system, treat tuberculosis, decrease cavities, prevent canker sores and promote the health of damaged teeth.

Propolis can be used externally and internally it is known for its Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal benefits.
Some areas that Propolis has been found to Benefit are
· Wound healing - accelerates the healing process
· Acne - inhibit bacteria associated with acne
· Eczema - potent anti-inflammatory agent after they found it suppressed production of histamines and prostaglandins
· Influenza, Colds
· Warts - The researchers conclude that Propolis is an effective and safe immunomodulating therapy for plain and common warts.
· Cancer - growth inhibition on the cancer cells, in some studies causing cancer cells to self destruct. (caused the cancer cells to die by necrosis, but didn't damage good cells)
· Gum disease, Cavities and Oral care - helps control inflammation in traumatic tooth injuries and healing of oral wounds after extraction. Kills bacteria in the mouth.
· Herpes virus, Cold sores - Apply tincture 3 -5 times a daily
· Helps boost the immune system
· Balances blood sugar
· Urinary Tract infections
· Sinus Congestion
· Cholesterol
· Respiratory infection / Bronchitis / Asthma
· Gastritis
· Ear Infections
· Bone healing - helps to build and maintain healthy bone tissue.
· Intestinal Infections
· Ulcers
· Gout
· Reduces anxiety
· Arthritis
· Stomach Virus
· Headaches
· Bile Infections
· Can be used topically for skin disorders
The number of ways in which bee Propolis benefits your health is seemingly endless.

How to use Propolis tincture:

For general health 5-7 drop of tincture in a teaspoon of honey, on a piece of bread or directly in your mouth daily.
For wounds, bites and cuts, direct to area.
For toothache, boils, infections etc apply a few drops straight from the Tincture bottle.
For stomach and other internal ailments put 1-2 mls into a cup. Fill with hot water, add a spoon of honey and drink before bedtime.
For Cold sores - Apply tincture 3 times a daily

If you are allergic or hypersensitive to bees or bee products, it's best to avoid products with propolis.
Use propolis carefully, following all dosage instructions. Propolis has the potential to sensitize frequent users to its ingredients, thus triggering an allergy. Be cautious when using propolis, and avoid propolis if you have a known bee allergy. Propolis can cause allergic contact dermatitis, even in people with no history of allergic reactions. People who experience symptoms including tightening of the throat, itchiness, hives, redness, stinging or swelling upon application should immediately remove the product using gentle soap and water and discontinue use. If symptoms become severe or irritation lasts longer than three days, the affected person should see a doctor.

Nausea may occur when propolis is used in conjunction with over-the-counter or prescription treatments for vaginal yeast infections or other antifungal medications. The natural resins may interact with blood thinning drugs, as well as antiviral medications used to treat HIV. Contact your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms while using propolis.
It is your responseabilty to research how propoilis can benefit you or how it may be harmful to you.


I have tried Propolis tincture and am thoroughly convinced about its effectiveness. I bought my first bottle from the markets in Victor Harbour; I use Propolis for a new wart on my arm. 7 drop taken internally every day plus applied it to the wart 2 x day and in two weeks the wart dried up and fell off leaving no trace. Allan

My Name is Jane,
I am 50yrs Old and had a tattoo on my foot 5 years ago! The Tattoo is quite large and covers the top of my foot! I had the colour red added to the tattoo; to which 3 weeks after having the tattoo I came out in a reaction to the red ink! It got progressively worse and worse. I asked my Son (who is a tattooist) about it and he said the red ink does affect some people. so I went to the doctors and tried cream after cream. Had biopsies a skin specialist look at it over a 4 year period. All to which nothing worked. I then found the Kangaroo Island Living Honey Propolis tincture in the chemist. I started using it and amazingly enough it calmed the infection down; stopped the itching and made it a whole lot better. I highly recommend this to anyone.